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  1. Liability


Well I guess I can't make up for what I've done
I can only say I'm sorry and move on
And if there's no redemption
And the clouds aren't filled with love
You'll have no choice but to admit to me I tried
The regret is only crippling to my pride

But we always
End up in the same place
We're all born with flaws
And we'll die with our mistakes
So i guess I'll just forget about it somehow
My only refuge is somewhere in my head now

Well I guess I'm not so special anymore
Luckily such self-entitlement is something I avoid
I know someday I'll get what I deserve
But I guess that will depend
On what I think I should've earned
I know someday my hoping won't just hurt
Yeah, I hope someday I know just what I'm worth

But the self doubt
Always makes it's way back around
And the darkness comes closest
When I'm by myself
So would you accept all my apologies?
Could you afford the liability
Of holding on to someone like me?