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  1. Numb


I stretch out to touch
But I've been stuck inside my head for months now
I can sense your warmth
But I must stop to question what it's made of

From the ground up, I'm unstable
Why must I struggle to savor...
These moments that just seem to come and go?
Whose hands, in the end, will I be left to hold?

Cause I've been so numb
What is love, I don't think I was meant to find out
Cause I've been so numb
I've run out of things to cry about
Cause I've been so numb
Cause I've been so numb
I've been so numb...

Well I hope that someday you'll understand
It's hard not to choke
When you're smiling face down in the sand
And it's not by choice
That I've been brought up by a nervous wreck
So don't put your money on me
To preserve, is your safest bet

From under some skin to a table
That exchange could drive a man right up the wall
I'm attached to these disconnected cables
I've counted them all...