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  1. Discontent


I've been staring at life as it passes
Through eyes like windows
I've been building fires and emptying glasses
But I'm still cold

I swim through deep thought when I try being social
Like what would it matter if you understood?
Well I'm not so sure that it could

Reality, it floats away
I disassociate from the masquerade
So give me a straight jacket
Lead me to a white padded cube
So I won't have to run away
So I won't have to run away

I've been pushing away all the good things
Like a soulless widow
Stay at a fair distance
Control your drunk mouth
I'm fine on my own

Trust is a weird idea
And talk is price-tag-free
But I'm sure you'll make your thoughts heard
And send my eardrums back to sleep
After my apologies
Don't seem like I mean them