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"Mentally Attractive" Tee

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Band shirts are such a huge deal for some of us.
In a world bursting at the seams with mundanity, a t-shirt from your favorite band/musician can be an effective way to signify to others that “hey, we might just be in the same tribe.” That’s right. Long lost tribe members are roaming the earth just like you, secretly waiting to be acknowledged, so that they might connect with “their” people. With this in mind, Loose Bolts decided to design a shirt that offers visual simplicity, as well as complexity in terms of what it might represent for the person wearing it. So start a conversation. Let your “weirdo” flag fly, and allow the world to know what you value in yourself, and in others. You’re not just a pretty face, and you’re not an extra in this movie called “life.” You’re mentally attractive (and you have good taste in music).

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