Loose Bolts is songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Ian (Brice) Gomez - a Baton Rouge native, currently residing in the Florida panhandle between Tallahassee and Pensacola. Loose Bolts initially was a side project while drumming for a Death/Black Metal band. After releasing the 4 song "Discontent" EP in the summer of 2015 and a short tour with his Metal band, Gomez decided to take this project more seriously once it became clear that his songwriting and passion had impacted his local scene in a way that felt more meaningful than previous musical endeavors. However, if we go back to the very beginning, the first source of inspiration for Gomez was a dream he had as a child a year or two before he picked up the guitar. This short dream consisted of Gomez standing in the bathtub of his family's Indianapolis apartment, shredding on a red Stratocaster. For some reason, this spoke to young Gomez and was the seed that eventually sprouted into a life-long passion, only after he came to the unfortunate realization that a career in skateboarding probably wasn't in the cards for him. Writing songs was an immediate response to learning to play guitar and even got around to releasing some home demos via Myspace around 13 or 14 yrs old. School was always difficult in a social, as well as academic sense. This adversity really made being so dedicated to music an even more attractive endeavor. It became a cure for any sort of obstacle or emotional disruption. This pathology did eventually lead to a bout of drug use, which had it's pros and cons in terms of how it affected his musicianship and creative ability. Not to worry, he's mostly clean these days. During these times of social development/anxiety, his favorite records were there and they seemed to speak from similar experience. To raise the stakes just a bit more, being raised in church, the authority figures in his life weren't exactly advocates for his passions or his potentially treacherous lifestyle. The stage was set. All of these factors combined created an urge within Gomez to provide for people what had and still does put his heart and mind at ease during so many times in his life. To be there for others through their own lonely journey and to inspire others to live honestly and passionately, no matter the consequence... This is the Loose Bolts ethos. A 4-year break between releases gave Gomez a chance to further refine his taste and vision for Loose Bolts (aside from simply transitioning into adulthood). You can fully trust that there are quite a few songs resting at different points on the conveyor belt, if you will. At any rate, the 2019 single release "Lover's Tears" has garnered a fair amount of local attention, thanks in part to a write-up/interview in the Northwest Florida Daily News. Additionally, the single has received radio play from Sweet Sunday Sounds based in Canberra, Australia. Loose Bolts remains independent/DIY and writing, recording, production, and mixing remains a solo endeavor for Gomez as well.